Blue Mountains Home Delivery Healthy Meals

Nutritious & Delicious Ready-Made Meals Blue Mountains

My Fitness Kitchn in The Blue Mountains is your go-to online healthy meal delivery service that will deliver fresh, tasty and, most of all, the healthiest meals to your home or office throughout The Blue Mountains area. 

All of the healthy meals are prepared on-site by qualified chefs who know what it takes to make meals that are delicious and packed full of healthy ingredients, fruit and vegetables, so you get quality home-delivered meals that are super-affordable delivered to your door in all areas in The Blue Mountains including Katoomba, Richmond, Springwood, Blackheath and Kurrajong Heights.

We all lead busy lives and have so much going on. There are kids to pick up from school, work commitments, gym, and all those busy social activities. So, the last thing you want to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle is spend hours shopping for food and preparing meals for yourself or the family. At My Fitness Kitchn, we have taken the hassle and headache away from mealtimes by preparing a range of delicious meals such as our creamy lemon Cajun chicken pasta and our popular steak with onion gravy and roasted potato wedges. You can view the complete home delivery menu online. And, with such an extensive online menu, we can promise you one thing; you’ll never get bored of our meals. Plus, we are constantly refreshing our menu with exciting new dishes and ingredients.

So now you never have to lift a finger or stress about preparing for your next meal as we’ll do everything for you. All you need to do is go online, choose, and presto, you get the freshest home delivery meals to your door. And, on top of this, it works out much cheaper than going to Coles or Woollies and spending a small fortune on all the ingredients. When you get us to deliver your meals, you’ll end up saving – so it’s a huge win-win.

All My Fitness Kitchn meals come in 3 sizes which include light, regular and bulk me up for those who are into their fitness and want to look fantastic and refuel after a big workout at the gym. And the My Fitness Kitchn advantage is that all the meals are:

  • Made with only the freshest ingredients from Australia & NZ
  • Vegetables sourced from our very own organic farm
  • Pasture Raised Eggs
  • No GMOs, antibiotics, preservatives or colourants
  • No added hormones (HGP-free)
  • Nothing artificial flavour or colours
  • Definitely no MSG
  • Recipes developed by restaurant chefs & certified nutritionists are based in Australia.
  • Freshness sealed from our kitchen to yours – NSW wide

Meal Delivery In The Blue Mountains Area

Are you frustrated by not being able to cook the type of meals you’ve always wanted to keep healthy and at the same time enjoy the meals? Remember, just because the meals are healthy doesn’t mean they have to taste bad; this is our core ethos at My Fitness Kitchn. We prepare scrumptious meals that will help improve your figure and physique and help you bulk up if needed. So now, you can forget about searching the internet for recipes and looking for new dishes to cook every night, because we have solved all these problems by delivering a range of healthy home-delivered meals to you – freeing up more time so you can do what you love.


Like you, we at My Fitness Kitchn also lead busy lives, which is why we came up with the idea of helping Blue Mountains residents with their meals and making sure what they eat is super-healthy. Our next-day delivery to The Blue Mountains ensures you receive your protein-packed and low-calorie meals ready for breakfast, lunch or dinner and for you to plan your diet for the rest of the week. 



With various healthy and delicious menu options, including vegan, clean, low-calorie and tailored nutrition plans, you can have your meals delivered anywhere in The Blue Mountains, knowing you’re about to tuck into a flavourful and nutritious dish that will keep you full and satisfied. And, on top of this, you’ll be doing your wallet a favour by not overspending at the supermarkets. When you buy your weekly prepared meals from us, you will save, save, save!

PLEASE NOTE: Our chef-prepared meals are free from preservatives, added hormones, GMOs, antibiotics or colourants, and we prepare all our meals from the freshest ingredients sourced locally when we can.