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So you want to achieve your fitness goal but you feel the only way is through a restrictive diet that consists of food you don’t quite enjoy? Don’t fool yourself.

Here at My Fitness Kitchn we don’t put the word “DIE” in your “DIET” as we have mastered the art of cooking delicious and healthy meals delivered fresh to your door and ready to eat. Our fitness ready meals are high in protein, low in fat and suitable for anyone aiming for weight loss, muscle gain and fulfilling a more healthy lifestyle.

Leave the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning to us so you can have a more enjoyable and sustainable FITNESS journey.


We have a large variety of meal plans and nutritional options to meet the diverse needs for each person. With meal plans created for pasta lovers or active people that enjoy a protein powered diet, we have an array of fresh meals ready to support your daily activities. We also give you the option to hand pick your favourite meals and create your own delicious journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Our fitness meals delivered will provide you with your required nutritional needs, supplying the energy required to complete your daily tasks, workouts in and outside the gym, and most importantly deliver your taste buds a high level of satisfaction to make your fitness journey more enjoyable and sustainable.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!!

monthly meal plan delivery NSW

Delivered fresh, never frozen, straight from our kitchen to your door!


Book Meal Plan Order

You Order

To order, select from our different meal sizes, meal plans and many choices from the menu to suit your nutritional needs, tastes and goals.

regular meal plan Delivery

We Cook

Your meals are prepared and cooked by our professional chefs adding their personal touch and using some of the finest ingredients to give your meals that high quality taste.

monthly meal plan Delivery Service

We Deliver

To maximise quality and taste, our prepared fitness meals are delivered FRESH, never frozen, straight from our kitchen to your door. Stock them in your fridge for up to 9 days ready for use.

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You Eat

Heat your meal in the microwave then eat and enjoy. It’s that simple! We take the demand of food preparation off your hands so you can focus more on your training and moving closer towards your goal!


Tim G.

My Fitness Kitchn has saved me so much time from prepping my own meals. Quality and taste is amazing and well above the standard. A must try for anyone training or exercising. Thank you My Fitness Kitchn, you guys rock!

meal delivery Testimonial

Irina M.

I’m loving My Fitness Kitchn..delicious food that’s nutritionally balanced, amazing service and a great variety too! 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Monthly Meal Plan

Evan G.

I have tried nearly all of the meals on the menu so far and love them all. My favourites are the chicken with sweet potato noodles and the turkey mince with mashed potato. The meals are delivered fresh and taste amazing. 5 out of 5 stars from me!