Are your meals suitable for me?

Our fresh premade fitness meals are suitable for anyone aiming to lose weight, build muscle and live a healthy lifestyle. We don’t believe in one size fits all which is why we give you the option to select your meal size, meal plan and customise some of your choices from the menu to meet your goals.

All of our meal sizes are portion controlled with the ideal amount of calories to support your goal. To help you better determine how many calories you require to lose weight, maintain size or bulk up, use our calorie calculator here.

Still not sure which meals are best suited for you? Feel free to contact us so we can help you make the right choice.

Are your meals delivered fresh or frozen?

To maximise quality and taste, our meals are delivered FRESH, never frozen, straight from our kitchen to your door. Your meals are to be stored in the fridge upon receiving.

How long will my meals last for?

All our meals have an expiry date listed on the container. Our meals can usually last 7-9 days in the fridge depending on the meal type. We recommend consuming meals with vegetables, fish or with cream first before the rest of your meals.

How do your meals stay fresh?

We package our meals using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). This method removes oxygen from the meals as they’re being sealed so they can stay fresh naturally for longer without the use of preservatives or freezing.

Can I freeze my meals?

Your meals are best eaten fresh while they hold their highest nutritional qualities, however they may be frozen before the expiry date to extend their shelf life for later use.

How do I heat my meals?

To heat your prepared fitness meals, pierce plastic film and microwave on HIGH for 1.5 – 2 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Peel off plastic film and enjoy!

Please note that heating times may vary depending on your microwaves power output.

Where can I find the nutritional information and ingredients for your meals?

Go to “What’s on the menu” and select a meal to view its nutritional information and ingredients.

Are your meals suitable for halal eaters?

Our meals are suitable for both halal and non halal eaters. All meats and ingredients including our chicken, lamb, beef and turkey are from halal certified suppliers.

Do you cater for people who require a gluten free or dairy free diet?

Yes we do have meals that are both gluten and dairy free. You can check if a meal is gluten free or dairy free by finding ‘GF’ or ‘DF’ in the meals description in the Create My Own Menu page.

Where do you deliver to?

My Fitness Kitchn delivers fresh premade fitness meals to Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast. Areas in Sydney we deliver to include the Eastern suburbs, Sydney CBD, Inner West, Parramatta, Canterbury, Penrith, Blacktown, Northern suburbs, Hills district, Macarthur, South Western Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle, Blue Mountains and Northern Beaches. Please check our online postcode checker or contact us at 1300 411 020 to find out if we deliver to your area.

We are looking into expanding to other states within Australia in the near future, so stay tuned!



How do I pay?

Upon checkout, you will be asked to provide payment details for your meals. We accept VISA, Mastercard or Paypal.

Will I need to sign up to a contract?

We have no lock–in contracts, so you can order whenever you like at your own leisure.

How can I repeat my order?

Log in to your account to view your recent orders. Choose the order you would like to repeat, then click on “Order again”.

Can I have my order delivered to me every week automatically?

Yes, you can. When completing your order on the checkout screen, select “Automatic weekly ordering” as your payment method. You can change your order or cancel anytime by contacting us.

Do I receive a discount if I make a large quantity order?

Yes, the more meals you add to your order, the more you save.

Receive a 5% discount when you order 18 meals.

Receive a 10% discount when you order 24+ meals!