What’s on the Menu

Chicken and mushroom risotto
Fragrant chicken laksa
Turkey mince ragu with fettuccine
Tandoori chicken with rice, mango chutney and raita
Chicken in light creamy white sauce with fettuccine
Mediterranean grilled lamb with couscous and tzatziki sauce
Thai red beef curry
Parmesan crusted chicken with creamy garlic herb sauce
Chicken basil pesto spaghetti
Brekky egg wrap
Chicken with garlic mushroom sauce, white potato mash and roasted vegetables 
Steak with onion gravy and roasted potato wedges
Creamy garlic prawn spaghetti
Light butter chicken
Naked chicken burrito bowl
Parmesan crusted chicken with pesto risotto
Classic turkey mince with mashed potato
Honey soy glazed chicken with basmati rice and asian greens
Beef mince in napolitana sauce with spaghetti
Barbecue chicken with vermicelli noodles
Mamacita mexican rice
Korean beef rice bowl
Lamb steak with mustard thyme sauce, rice and roasted vegetables
Creamy chicken penne with mushroom, spinach and roasted pumpkin
Salmon teriyaki bowl
Lamb gyro wrap
Chicken penne rosa with sundried tomato
Chicken with gravy peppercorn sauce and roasted potatoes
Mexican beef pasta 
Steak with creamy mushroom sauce
Barbecue chicken with chick peas and sweet potato fries
Creamy tuscan garlic barramundi
Tex Mex chicken burrito
Scrambled eggs and potato breakfast bowl
Barramundi in lemon cream sauce
Savoury beef mince with green beans and rice
Chicken biryani with minted yoghurt sauce
Mongolian beef with basmati rice
Chicken parmigiana pasta

Healthy meals delivered to support your active lifestyle

We understand how important it is to incorporate a healthy diet with exercise in order for you to achieve your desired fitness goals. By sticking to a balanced diet with the right amount of nutrients and exercise, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight and have enough energy to undertake daily activities.

Although you may be pushing out more reps out in the gym to gain muscle or running further each time on the treadmill to lose weight, your results could be further maximised by eating the right amount of healthy food to meet your nutritional requirements.

We also understand how hard it may be for you to find time to prepare fresh and healthy meals. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain your current shape and wellbeing or gain muscle, My Fitness Kitchn provide you with the option to choose from either our light, regular or bulk me up sizes. We want to support you in achieving the results you’ve been searching for, which is why our meal sizes have been created so that you can take in the right number of calories, protein, carbs and fats per meal.