Protein & vegetables


Enjoy our protein and vegetable options. Includes 1 carb meal a day which is ideal to eat before training.

What's included?

-Beef mince with green beans
-Chicken parmigiana with creamy mash
-Butter chicken with vegetables
-Lamb with mustard thyme sauce and roasted vegetables
-Steak with mushroom sauce and vegetables
-Barramundi with lemon sauce and vegetables
-Bearnaise steak with roasted garlic vegetables
-Steak with gravy sauce, mash and roasted vegetables
-Parmesan chicken with garlic herb sauce and white mash
-Beef vegetable stir fry
-Turkey mince with white mash
-Chicken with mushroom sauce and white mash

**Protein and vegetable meal packs will include a variety of the meals listed above**

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