Wollongong Home Delivery Healthy Meals

My Fitness Kitchn in Wollongong creates the most healthy, nutrition packed and tastiest home-delivered meals throughout the South Coast area.

Sometimes, all we want to eat is super healthy food, but often it’s hard to prepare. With busy work schedules and lives with family, kids and work commitments, who has time to spend hours driving to the supermarket and preparing a meal? And who wants to cook just for themselves? So dull and time-consuming. Plus, it can get expensive. So, if you want the healthiest home-delivered food to your door in Wollongong, My Fitness Kitchn is the perfect solution.

Our passionate cooks and chefs are very passionate about their work and prepare home-cooked healthy meals that you can eat every day at work for dinner after a hard gym session or just relaxing on the weekend and want to stay healthy.

All meals are freshly prepared and delivered as fresh as possible to people who love healthy home-delivered meals in the Wollongong area like, Thirroul, Austinmer, Albion Park and Fairy Meadow. So if you live around Wollongong, we will deliver fresh, nutritious meals to your home.

All My Fitness Kitchn meals come in 3 sizes, including light, regular, and bulk me up for those who are into their fitness and want to look great all the time. Winter is when we can all put on a few extra kilos, so ordering a meal with My Fitness Kitchen means you can keep your weight in check by only eating the healthiest of meals.

Our Healthy Meals are:

  • Made with only the freshest ingredients from Australia
  • No GMOs, antibiotics, preservatives or colourants
  • No added hormones (HGP-free)
  • No artificial flavours or colouring
  • Recipes are continuously changing and developed by our in-house chefs
  • It’s delivered fresh from our Kitchen to your front door.

Wollongong Ready Made Home Healthy Meals Delivery 

  • At My Fitness Kitchn, we’ll have your order delivered to your house during business hours between 8 am to 6 pm. 
  • We will email you the evening before your delivery day with an approximate time of when your delivery will arrive. We will also SMS you when the driver is on the way, which means we are in contact with you the whole time, which is part of our excellent customer service.
  • We make the ordering process easy, and if you want to get repeat home-delivery meals, we allow this option.

All meals delivered around the Wollongong area are high in protein and suitable for weight loss and muscle gain for those that love going to the gym for their daily workout. So if you want to lose a few kilos and bulk up, our meals are perfect for those post-gym meals at home. Look at our menu page to see some of our delicious meals. 

Meal Delivery In Wollongong & Surroundings

Have you been frustrated about getting home-cooked healthy meals delivered to your home and need help finding the right provider? Well, the good news is My Fitness Kitchn now delivers to Wollongong and the South Coast. You can quickly order our healthy meals online and have them delivered to your home or office. So, stop wasting time cooking at home and spend more time doing the things you like; surfing, yoga, gym, walking or spending time with the family as My Fitness Kitchn liberates your time and gives you the freedom to do what you want without spending hours in the Kitchen and you eat healthy at the same time.

Next Steps

Ok, so you’re ready to order and have the convenience of the best healthy meals delivered right to your door? All you have to do is visit the My Fitness Kitchn website and order online, or if you prefer, you can call us on 1300 411 020.


Are the meals delivered fresh or frozen?

All meals are delivered fresh and never frozen to maintain the nutrition and flavours in their freshest original state.

How long do the meals last in the fridge?

You can keep the meals for around 9 days if they are kept in the fridge.

Why Choose My Fitness Kitchn as Your Wollongong Meal Delivery Service?

Let's face it, we all live busy lives, and for the folk of Wollongong who values their downtime and want to eat healthy, nutritious meals that complement their healthy lifestyles, My Fitness Kitchen offers the best solution. Our fitness-ready meals are high in protein, low in fat and suitable for anyone aiming for weight loss, muscle gain and a healthier lifestyle. So, if you live in Wollongong and want to avoid the hassle of cooking your meals after a gym session, contact us.

Where do you get your ingredients?

Our goal at My Fitness Kitchen is to only use fresh, healthy, locally sourced ingredients from local producers throughout Australia. We take advantage of seasonal produce to bring the best meals to your doorstep in Wollongong all year round. From our Australian-owned kitchen in Marrickville, enjoy fresh, affordable meals that you and the whole family will absolutely love.

Is it cheaper to buy home delivery healthy meals?

It's much cheaper to buy home-delivery meals than preparing your own meals. Our healthy meal options are far cheaper and far healthier than preparing yourself as we take all the leg work out of you having to source food, cook, prepare and clean up after preparing your own meals.