4 tips to stay “On Track” over the weekend

With the weekend approaching, most dieters know how hard it is to keep on track with healthy habits when you’re trying to enjoy life with family and friends. You find yourself indulging in foods and drinks more than you would during a work week instead of consuming nutritionally balanced meals – and we totally get it. However, we almost always regret it on a Monday when we realise we may have just ruined a whole week’s worth of healthy eating and exercise. 

While we don’t recommend staying home all weekend and not enjoying ourselves, we do have to keep in mind our calorie intake as you could gain up to 5kgs a year by just adding 400 extra calories just on the weekends. 

So the question is, how do we keep mindful of our goals over the weekend while still enjoying ourselves? Here are our 4 tips to stay on track over the weekend.  

Start With Cleaning out the Junk Draw

This might be hard, but we’re promising it will be worth it. As we tend to spend more time at home over the weekend, we are tempted to reach out to the junk draw (or pantry) when binge-watching our favourite shows and movies on Netflix. The first step is to clear it out… Out of sight, out of mouth. 

Schedule Weekend Workouts 

Scheduling time to get your heart rate up is important to keep to your goals and cancel out excess calories we consume over the weekend. Even if your workout isn’t as intense as your weekday workouts, any form of movement is good. It can be as simple as catching up with friends over a stroll in the park. Try to aim for at least 10,000 steps a day. 

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Drink Plenty of Water

Research shows that drinking plenty of water can help with weight loss. It suppresses your appetite, boosts your metabolism, and increases calorie burning. This is all the more reason to turn to water rather than soft drinks when eating out. 

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Go Into Your Weekend Prepared With Nutritionally Balanced Meals

Last of all, but definitely the most important – have your meals prepared for the weekend. Prepare nutritionally balanced meals for when you are at home or needing a meal on the run to avoid the temptation of ordering take-out.

We have our Light meals which are planned out to help you keep your calories low while keeping you full. Have these on standby for the moments you don’t have time to cook up a storm. 

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