Creators of ready made muscle meals in Sydney share the best ways to build muscle naturally

Our creators of ready made muscle meals in Sydney are here to share with you the best ways to build muscle naturally.


When it comes to quickly packing on serious mass, the harsh reality is that many bodybuilders choose alternative methods to increase the rate at which they grow.


Anabolic steroids manipulate your hormone levels to interact directly with your muscle cells. This increases muscle protein synthesis, radically enhancing your muscle growth rate, however they offer a myriad of negative side effects, from the not so serious, to life endangering.


The good news is that it’s still possible to build quality muscle as a natural bodybuilder. To achieve the build you have dreamt of, all you need is patience and commitment.


Get lean first

Studies show that higher levels of body fat, reduce testosterone levels and increase insulin sensitivity, both of which your body needs to produce muscle. Lose extra body fat with our bodybuilding microwave meals in Sydney and lay the foundations require to get your building process off to the best start.


Build muscle slowly

Once your reach your desired level of body fat, say 12-15%, it’s time to start building that muscle. Keep in mind, that the more muscle your build, the harder it becomes to gain additional mass. As a natural bodybuilder you should be aiming to gain just over 200g per week in order to optimise muscle growth. Remember your body is only naturally capable of synthesising about this much muscle per week. If you try to put on too much weight, too quickly, you will end up putting on the wrong kind of weight…fat!


When you combine the above, with a solid training routine and balanced muscle ready meals in Sydney, you will efficiently pack on mass, without gaining fat.


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