Experts of meal prep delivery Sydney talk about the importance of calorie consumption

The team at My Fitness Kitchn, experts in meal prep delivery Sydney, talk about how any workout routine cannot make up for a lacking diet. You could follow a well-constructed workout program, but if you don’t eat in a way that supports your goals, it will get you absolutely nowhere. Your diet plan is just as important to get the results you want to get as your workout routine (if not more so). For optimal results you’ll need to follow a diet plan that works best for you.

Calculating your calorie requirements

To get started, you first need to calculate your maintenance calories which are the number of calories you need to eat every day to maintain your current weight.

There are a number of ways to estimate what your maintenance calories are, but the quickest and simplest way is to multiply your current body weight (in pounds) by 14 – 18.

If your primary goal is to lose fat, you need to create a daily calorie deficit below your maintenance level of around 20 percent. Doing so creates a caloric deficit, which forces your body to start burning energy for your stored body fat.

If your primary objective is to build muscle, you need to create a daily calorie surplus of about 250 calories above your level of maintenance (about half that for women). This creates a caloric surplus, which provides the calories your body needs to actually create new muscle tissue.

Your calorie intake will be the main determining factor of whether you lose or put on weight. To further maximise your results and assist you in reaching your goals:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Surround your workouts with meals that contain a good amount of protein and carbs (including your PRE and POST workout meals).
  • Get most of your calories from nutrient-dense sources of higher quality.
  • Supplement on fish oil, a basic multivitamin, protein powder for convenience and creatine monohydrate.

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