My Fitness Kitchen ready made muscle meal experts share 5 health holiday eating strategies to help you stay fit through to the new year

Here at My Fitness Kitchn, our creators of ready made muscle meals in Sydney explain that we aren’t saying Christmas isn’t a time to be festive, in fact it is nice to indulge a little, but if you are already keen on keeping healthy and fit, why not make a few changes this year to keep your good habits throughout the Christmas season?

Here our creators of ready made muscle meals in Sydney share 5 tips to keep you guilt free and still in control of your health dies over the Xmas break:

Eat before you go: To ensure you aren’t starving due to the lack of suitable healthy food available at the party or function, eat one of our premade muscle meals in Sydney before you leave for the party. This way you will feel more satisfied and eat less of the party food on offer.

Bring your own food: Create one of your favourite healthy dishes that others may like, to ensure there is food there that you can indulge in.

Limit the high-calorie foods on your plate: The higher variety of foods with different tastes, textures, smells, shapes, and colours on your plate, the more you’ll likely eat, regardless of your actual hunger level. Cut down on your personal buffet and you’ll end up eating 20 to 40 percent less.

Fill your plate with low-calorie items: Choose smaller portions of those calorie rich foods and focus on piling up most of your place with healthy options such as leafy green salads, vegetable dishes, and lean proteins.  That way, you can eat a larger amount of food for fewer calories and not feel deprived.

Eat a sugar-free mint: When you’ve had enough and don’t want to eat more, the feeling of a fresh palate can curb additional munching on not so healthy treats.

Here at My Fitness Kitchn, we are here to help you achieve your fitness goals throughout the entire year.

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