My Fitness Kitchn creators of the best muscle meals in Sydney share tips to build your best six-pack yet

Here at My Fitness Kitchn, our creators of muscle ready meals in Sydney explain that to get your dream six-pack, it takes the right combination of exercise, combined with a high-protein, low fat diet to get the ripped results you are longing for.

Therefore, when it comes to building muscle, including that shredded six-pack many wish to achieve, it takes more than just overdoing it with crunches or sit-ups.

My Fitness Kitchn shares the following diet and exercise tips for building those abs:

Sort out your diet

To make those abs appear, you need to decrease your overall body fat. Remove those processed junk foods, sugars and carbs from your diet and pack in the vegetables, nuts, fruits, legumes, healthy oils and lean meats. Try eating several small meals each day, avoid late night snacking and replace unhealthy drinks with water. Check out our fresh premade fitness meals in Sydney.

Ramp up your High Intensity Training

Avoid sitting in the fat-burning zone for too long. With High Intensity Training, not only will you reduce overall body fat and burn more calories in less time, you will boost your overall cardio fitness.

The basics of High Intensity Training include:

  • Frequency- Train only 2-3x per week.
  • Moderate Volume– Generally,1-2 sets per exercise.
  • Failure– Set and exercises are performed to the point of muscular failure.
  • Rest- Workouts are performed at a fast pace without long rest periods between sets.

Work your core

Once you start to see results from your diet and your HIT training is in check, it’s time to increase those specific ab and core strengthening exercises to make your abs even more visible. Core exercises are the most effective when your front and back muscles are contracting simultaneously. Some of the most effective core exercises involve minimal equipment and can be done anywhere. Try to involve exercises such as oblique twists, planks and side planks!


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