My Fitness Kitchn creators of fitness meals delivered in Sydney explain the importance of training your core

As creators of fresh fitness meals delivered in Sydney, we understand the importance of applying the correct training techniques to reach your fitness goals.

One area of high importance is your core. As the sturdy central link, connecting your upper and lower body, all necessary, day to day motions come from or move through your core! Keeping the torso strong is important because it truly is the body’s centre of power.

The core of your body is at your midsection. It includes all muscles in that area across your front, back and sides ie. your traverse abdominis, erector spinae, obliques and your lower latissimus dorsi.

If you have weak or inflexible core muscles, this will affect how well your arms and legs function, taking power from your movement. A strong and flexible core not only adds to your power levels and overall weight training performance, it also increases your stability, balance and posture.

What does core training involve?

Core training involves doing specific exercises to develop and strengthen your core muscle groups. It’s vital for bodybuilders to have a strong core. Heavy weight lifting will give your core a challenging workout by itself, however if you add additional abdominal and oblique training to your routine, you will also minimise the chance of injury.

Our experts in muscle gain food delivery in Sydney explain that core training should be in the moderate rep range, for the best muscle growth. It’s recommended to complete sets in the 8-15 rep range of exercises such as abdominal crunches, oblique side bends, decline oblique crunches, barbell pullovers and cable crunches.

Focus on your core to make the most out of your workouts and not only will you be able to train harder and reduce injury, you will be well on the way to achieve your ideal body.

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