Fitness ready meals in Sydney to help to build lean muscle

When it comes to dietary protein and fitness, an adequate intake will certainly help you to build lean muscle. It controls appetite and staves off hunger better than fats or carbs, with the added benefit of making you feel fuller for longer.

Protein actually requires more energy from your body to digest, than fats or carbohydrates. This means you effectively burn more calories gram for gram through the digestion process.

It’s also important to eat plenty of protein so your body has enough amino acids to build muscle. Amino acids are the building block of protein and your body uses amino acids to build and repair muscle tissue.

For these reasons, our high-protein, perfectly balanced muscle gain foods in Sydney are excellent for fat loss and lean muscle building.


What are the best sources of protein?

Good sources of protein for muscle building and weight loss include meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Other sources of protein can be plant based, such as nuts and legumes, however they contain lower levels than animal protein.


How much protein do I need to build lean muscle?

This is dependent on your individual weight, body fat percentage and your fitness goals, however for a person who undertakes strength and endurance training, 1.8 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight is ideal.


When is the best time to “Protein Up”?


Consuming protein after your workout has the most impact on muscle growth whilst helping with recovery.


Here at My Fitness Kitchn, our fitness ready meals in Sydney are perfectly balanced, so that you can feel good, look great and perform at your best! Prepared by qualified chefs, our meals are high in protein, low in fat and suitable for anyone aiming to lose weight, build muscle and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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