Make the most of summer with these 7 outdoor workout ideas from our creators of fitness ready meals in Sydney

Summer in Sydney is certainly well underway! Our experts in fitness ready meals in Sydney say that when it comes to keeping fit, you can take advantage of the warmer weather and our beautiful parks and beaches, with an endless number of summer fitness activities.

Outdoor fitness routines

My Fitness Kitchn, experts in healthy microwave bodybuilding meals in Sydney, share 7 of our favourite outdoor fitness routines to get you out of that stuffy gym and into the fresh summer air:

  1. Run-away – Running on a treadmill simply doesn’t compare to pounding out those km’s on the pavement, with the wind in your face. Just grab your sneakers and get going!
  1. Get your Boot Camp on – Get outside and find a high-intensity, calorie burning Boot Camp with a water view! That way, after your full-on work out, you can enjoy a nice refreshing dip!
  1. Take a hike – Get out into nature for an enjoyable cardio workout as you tone your glutes and calves!
  1. Hang 10 – Never underestimate the mind and body benefits of taking to the waves! Sign up for a surf lesson and get addicted to this all-over body workout!
  1. Strike a pose – Summer sunrise and sunset are the perfect times to work on your Downward Dog. Build your core strength as you enhance the benefits of the sea air, with a session of beach yoga!
  1. Ride like the wind – Forget the car and take your bike. The average person will burn between 450to 750 calories per hour cycling, so what are you waiting for!
  1. Raise the bar – These days, many beaches and parks around Sydney have great work out facilities and fitness stations. Grab a friend and work on your chin-ups to the sound of the waves!

These are just some of the many ways you can make the most of your summer fitness goals, whist establishing some new habits that may just become a part of your regular workout routine.

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