Suppliers of prepared fitness meals delivered in Sydney debunk 3 bodybuilding myths

Here at My Fitness Kitchn, our creators of prepared fitness meals delivered in Sydney regularly come across conflicting information about weightlifting, so it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.

When it comes to bodybuilding myths, some are old school and others have surfaced more recently. So today, our muscle ready meal experts in Sydney debunk 3 of our favourite weights workout myths, so that you can be better informed when you next head off to pump iron.

Rest isn’t important

Many people underestimate the importance of rest and recovery. They mistakenly think that more time in the gym, equals more progress. The reality is, most of your muscle building happens when you are at rest, such as muscle tissue repair and rebuild as well as restoration of glycogen stores to get you ready for your next big session. Neglecting to give your body the time it needs to adapt and repair itself after training, will result in a noticeable deterioration in your energy levels, performance and results.

Weight training makes women bulky

As one of the most common ‘old school’ myths, this one leads many women astray. Since testosterone is the primary muscle building hormone and because women have much less than men, they don’t put on muscle mass like men. The fact is, weightlifting is perfect for burning calories and getting lean, because as we lift weights, we increase lean muscle mass as well as our metabolic rate.

The more calories the better

Your body does not require an excessive amount of calories for growth and repair. When your body requires calories for muscle repair and growth, those calories are maintenance calories. Although you must give your body the calories required for growth and repair, an excessive constructive caloric intake may promote muscle growth, but each extra calorie above what your body needs will actually be stored as fat. Remember, as a bodybuilder, the goal is to add lean muscle.

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