Tips on how to maintain your perfect summer body

It’s the last month of summer and we know you’ve worked so hard to get your summer body where it is right now! Although there may have been some bumps and cheat days along the way, especially around the New Year’s period, now is definitely not the time to give up on that figure that took months to build. At My Fitness Kitchn we want you to be happy with your body all year round, so here are a few tips that can help you keep your ideal shape.


Increase your fibre intake

In order to speed up your metabolism, lower cholesterol and improve the health of your digestive system, it is important that you take in about 25 to 30 grams of fibre per day. Found in our delicious fitness ready meals in Sydney, fibre helps to extract fats and toxins out of your body, which is perfect for those that have had a few too many drinks and take-away meals over the festive period.



Drink a lot of water

From improving fitness, aiding in weight loss and giving you a boost in energy, regularly drinking water throughout the day will help you achieve your fitness goals. If you are looking to lose weight, water is a natural appetite suppressant, which combined with My Fitness Kitchn’s Fitness ready meals in Sydney, will keep you fuller for longer whilst boosting your metabolism at the same time. Drinking water also helps in preventing muscle cramps, allowing you to push out those few extra repetitions at the gym or run that extra lap at the park!


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Keep on moving

Just because you’ve returned from your summer vacation or you’re back at work and don’t have the time to go the beach, that doesn’t mean you should stop working out! It is crucial that you maintain the consistency of your workouts throughout the whole year as you never know when your next surprise getaway may be! Make sure that after each of your workouts, you recharge your muscles with the right nutrients found in My Fitness Kitchn’s Fitness ready meals in Sydney.

Who said you can’t keep your summer body all year round? At My Fitness Kitchn we know you can make it through 2019 looking fitter and feeling healthier than ever. Just follow these simple lifestyle tips and make sure you eat clean with My Fitness Kitchn’s fresh meals that are delivered straight to your door. Just head online and order your healthy meals here: