Weighing food for weight loss

weighing food

Experts of healthy meals delivered explain a common mistake people make who are serious about losing weight. Many people eat according to the weight of their food without knowing its nutritional value. For example, I’ve come across several people say to me something such as “Apparently I need to eat 200g of cooked meat and 200g of cooked carbs to lose weight but it doesn’t seem to quite work. My weight is inconsistent and goes up and down week after week. It’s driving me mad that I just want to give up!”

When I ask them how many calories or what macro breakdown they’re currently following they usually have no idea. It takes a lot more than just weighing food to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

200g of steamed fish and 200g of basmati rice is approximately 600 calories or 1,800 calories if eaten 3 times a day.

200g of grilled chicken breast and 200g of baked potato is approximately 400 calories or 1,200 calories if eaten 3 times a day.

So as you can see, even though the portions are the same, the difference in calorie intake can be huge and it can be the difference between losing weight and not losing weight at all.

Bottom line is if you’re someone who is serious about their weight loss then it may be worth knowing the nutritional value each source of food you plan to eat has. Also weigh your food raw or in its original form as cooking them can greatly alter their weight. It’s always good to know what exactly is going into your body so you can continue to make progress and move closer towards your goal.

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– Jonathan Porter